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Groundwater circulation in the Miechów Trough and the central part of the Carpathian Foredeep (Poland): a hydrogeological conceptual model - Marta Dendys, Andrzej Szczepański & Barbara Tomaszewska
Geologos, Vol. 24, No. 3, pp. 177-187 PDF Full text

Application of the WetSpass simulation model for determining conditions governing the recharge of shallow groundwater in the Poznań Upland, Poland - Renata Graf & Jan Przybyłek
Geologos, Vol. 24, No. 3, pp. 189-205 PDF Full text

A groundwater flow model for the Wolin Island area, including glaciotectonic deformation - Ryszard Hoc, Andrzej Sadurski & Zenon Wiśniowski
Geologos, Vol. 24, No. 3, pp. 207-216 PDF Full text

Groundwater flow modelling of main groundwater reservoirs in the Gdańsk region, Poland - Zbigniew Kordalski & Andrzej Sadurski
Geologos, Vol. 24, No. 3, pp. 217-224 PDF Full text

Modelling groundwater flow and nitrate transport: a case study of an area used for precision agriculture in the middle part of the Vistula River valley, Poland - Anna Sieczka, Filip Bujakowski & Eugeniusz Koda
Geologos, Vol. 24, No. 3, pp. 225-235 PDF Full text

Construction of a numerical groundwater flow model in areas of intense mine drainage, as exemplified by the Olkusz Zinc and Lead Ore Mining Area in southwest Poland - Kamil Juśko, Jacek Motyka, Kajetan d'Obyrn & Zbigniew Adamczyk
Geologos, Vol. 24, No. 3, pp. 237-244 PDF Full text

A comparison of the efficiency of riverbank filtration treatments in different types of wells - Józef Górski, Krzysztof Dragon & Roksana Kruć
Geologos, Vol. 24, No. 3, pp. 245-251 PDF Full text

  • Petroleum geoscience. From sedimentary environments to rock physics (second edition) - Wojciech Stawikowski
    PDF Full text
  • Curbing catastrophe - natural hazards and risk reduction in the modern world - Witold Szczuciński
    PDF Full text

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Geologos, Vol. 24, No. 3, pp. 257- PDF Full text