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Texture and composition of the Rosa Marina beach sands (Adriatic coast, southern Italy): a sedimentological/ecological approach - - Massimo Moretti, Marcello Tropeano, A.J. (Tom) van Loon, Pasquale Acquafredda, Rossella Baldacconi, Vincenzo Festa, Stefania Lisco, Giuseppe Mastronuzzi, Vincenzo Moretti & Rosa Scotti PDF Full text

Depositional conditions on an alluvial fan at the turn of the Weichselian to the Holocene - a case study in the Żmigród Basin, southwest Poland - - Paweł Zieliński, Robert J. Sokołowski, Stanisław Fedorowicz, Barbara Woronko, Beata Hołub, Michał Jankowski, Michał Kuc & Michał Tracz PDF Full text

Factors influencing temporal changes in chemical composition of biogenic deposits in the middle Tążyna River Valley (Kuyavian Lakeland, central Poland) - - Daniel Okupny, Seweryn Rzepecki, Ryszard Krzysztof Borówka, Jacek Forysiak, Juliusz Twardy, Anna Fortuniak & Julita Tomkowiak PDF Full text

Isotope characterisation of deep aquifers in the Gwda catchment, northern Poland - - Tomasz Kotowski & Stefan Satora PDF Full text

Analyses of permeability and porosity of sedimentary rocks in terms of unconventional geothermal resource explorations in Poland - - Anna Sowiżdżał & Roman Semyrka PDF Full text

  • Stratigraphy: A Modern Synthesis - - Edward Chwieduk PDF Full text
  • Geoscience in Archaeometry. Methods and case studies - - Ewa Słaby PDF Full text
  • Arab Water Security: Threats and Opportunities in the Gulf States - - Kamal Ghodeif PDF Full text