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A new type of slumping-induced soft-sediment deformation structure: the envelope structure - - Uk Hwan Byun, A.J. (Tom) van Loon, Yi Kyun Kwon & Kyoungtae Ko PDF Full text

Miocene quartz sands redeposited on subaqueous and alluvial fans during the Saalian: Interpretation of the depositional scenario at Ujście, western Poland - - Mateusz Mleczak & Małgorzata Pisarska-Jamroży PDF Full text

Secular and catastrophic processes reflected in sediments of the Suchedniów water reservoir, Holy Cross Mountains (Poland) - - Paweł Przepióra, Tomasz Kalicki, Michał Aksamit, Piotr Biesaga, Marcin Frączek, Paulina Grzeszczyk, Emanuela Malęga, Mariusz Chrabąszcz, Edyta Kłusakiewicz & Piotr Kusztal PDF Full text

The siliciclastics/carbonates shift in the Jurassic of the Western Caucasus (central northern Neo-Tethys): reconsidering research over the last 50 years - - Dmitry A. Ruban PDF Full text

New interpretation of the provenance of crystalline material from Oligocene flysch deposits of the Skole Nappe, Poland: evidence from heavy minerals and clasts in the Nowy Borek section - - Dorota Salata & Alfred Uchman PDF Full text

The First International Conference on 'Processes and Palaeo-Environmental Changes in the Arctic: From Past to Present' (PalaeoArc) - - Astrid Lysa, ĺvar Örn Benediktsson, Andy Emery, Lauren Gregoire, Anne Jennings, Caterina Morigi, Juliane Müller, Matt O'Regan, Pertti Sarala, Chris Stokes, Witold Szczuciński & Monica Winsborrow PDF Full text

  • The Spanish coastal systems - Dynamic processes, sediments and management - - A.J. (Tom) van Loon PDF Full text
  • The encyclopedia of volcanoes (second edition) - - Claudio Scarpati PDF Full text
  • Fluvial processes: 2nd edition - - Artur Radecki-Pawlik PDF Full text